Nothing much really! I spend this long weekend at home with my DH and kiddos. We usually go to see the fireworks but this year we decided to stay home except for my daughter which she went out with my niece to their friends party/barbecue/fireworks (all in one). On Saturday we went to the Natural History museum with the boys. They had a blast! They were very excited about the dinosaurs most of all.

After that we decided to stop by the Library. I got some great craft books which I’ve been meaning to get. I don’t usually do crafts, but I have been getting into these “crafty” moods lately. I ‘m willing to give anything a try so I got some craft books. I think I’m going to start with felt. I have tons of felt from when I used to do daycare which were stored in the basement. Last week I brought them upstairs just so that I can see what colors I had and get them organized. Anyhow, I spend my weekend creating this mini book. My first one ever! Let me tell you that these are so much fun to do! Sorry about the pictures again… bad camera, low lighting, etc…

A pastor was giving a class about the four types of temperaments the other day and I had also read a couple of books about the different types of temperaments (Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, and Melancholic). Analyzing them I came to the conclusion that my type of temperament is Melancholic, I would say that 90% is Melancholic and the other 10% has a little of the other three. Anyway, I did this mini book about the good things about this type of temperament and a few “not so good” things that I have which come with the package of having this type of temperament, lol. I mostly wanted to focus on the good things and not so much on the bad…lol. You can see more pictures here. The book still needs more journaling, embellishments and a last photo for the “Persistent” page.

I got so many things I want to do before starting next school semester. Like painting my kitchen, living room, basement, and my son’s bedroom. I also need to redecorate my kitchen after it gets painted. Today I will be stopping by HomeDepot to get the paint and hopefully start sometime this week with the kitchen. Okay guys thanks for reading. Have a nice day.