Just stopping by to say hello. Nothing much going on here besides feeling happy that DH will be home tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday! He works so much. It almost feels like I hardly see him. I do everyday but, for a few minutes and he works almost every Saturday. And we just have Sundays to share time with each other. And not really “alone” since the kids want all his attention also! Lol. I forgot to share with you guys that on Sunday it was our 17 Anniversary. We went out to see a movie and then we went to eat. We had a nice afternoon and evening together. We need to do it more often. Anyway I didn’t scrap about it or create anything about it in my art journal but I did played around with textures and this photo.

I want to do something with this image. I want to use it somehow but don’t know how, not yet at least. The writing says:

You bring music to my heart. You are a melody to my soul and you brighten up my spirit! I love you.

And finally, here’s a quick layout. I used my son’s baby pictures. Have a nice day/night everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read.