This morning I finally got to scrap on the Scrap Your Day Book. If I didn’t explain before, well, every 25th of the month I will shoot my day and then scrap it for an entire year. The book I bought for this project turned out to be smaller than it was supposed to be so I had and will be using 4 pages instead of 2 like it was suggested by Shimelle. The layout will be different, too. Again, because of the size of the book. But the point is to document the day on each month for the year, which I will try to do.

Yesterday, when I went to get my photos at Sam’s Club I saw this cute complete kit. I totally fell in love with it so I had to get it. I love it. Next time I’ll get the other cute kit they had.

Two other digi layouts I did the other day. The first one is from 365 Day Challenge (day 178, prompt 178).

My first two pages on my new Journal. It’s not a molenskie but is close to it, I think. Just practicing before I get a real one.

Sorry about the photo quality. Trust me all these look much better in person! Also, something is going on with my camera. I can’t wait to get my camera! Arrggg! Patience, Diana, patience! Lol.