It’s been very humid and raining lately around here. Today the sun is bright and shinning but will probably see some rain later on in the day so it’s good for me to take my umbrella when I go out later. Anyway, this morning I went to run some errands and buy my son’s pre-school teacher her present. Today is officially my son’s last day at daycare for the rest of the summer. In the fall he’ll be starting kindergarten. I’m really excited about that and a little worried about how I will manage with my kids’ and my school schedules. My schedule is not as bad since I will be having Fridays off, but I will be the entire day in school on Wednesdays (9:00am to 9:oopm). Tuesdays I will taking a class starting at 2:30pm. I’m excited to start already. I’m dying to start my photography classes the most. I will be taking Color Photography and Individual Projects. I can’t wait. My other classes are: Media Design, Web Publishing (Web Site Design) and Web Editor (Dreamweaver). I still need my camera, though! I think I’ll be able to get it next month if our plans go well.

Yesterday I did these two layouts:

This one was for the 365 Day Challenge: Prompt 178: Me, Myself and I

I think I need to buy more kits, I will be running out of stuff soon.

I’m going to put my current read to the side because I am going to start reading this book along with Suziblu and other bloggers. We will then discuss the book and paint stuff from the book. How fun is that? Huh? Lol. I think I will start today, I think I’m a couple of days behind them but I’ll do some catching up today. I hope! Lol. Well that’s all folks, thanks for stopping by. Have a nice weekend.