In simple terms we can say that it is having ideas or thoughts differently presented. Creativity is gathering or picturing a thought (or an emotion) and allowing it to be expressed in many forms. Creativity is how our inner selves and mind envisions an idea or concept. It is the act of making something either with an existing idea or a completely new idea. Through creativity, an individual can freely interpret and express new things and old differently. It is rearranging things we know and making them look as new. It is also visualizing this idea in certain ways different from the common everyday things. Creativity can be described in many ways but, the final result is very simple—originality!

I believe that through art God has allowed us to see the inner beauty of many things….things that are not visible to the eye but, with the soul and spirit….a gift given to humankind! I believe that through art God reveals His Spirit to us! I love it!

I’ve been reading The Creative Call and trying to do the exercises that the author suggests daily. I’m only up to exercise 3, but I’m feeling refreshed and renewed through this book’s insights. I have also been writing daily on my day book (suggested by the author), writing every single thought and ideas that crosses my mind. I am trying to keep up with every single thing she suggests because I believe that I have talents that have been hidden for so many years and I want to become the artist, the person God wants me to be. I really recommend this book if you are believer in God’s purposes for your life. Whatever your call may be, musician, writer, painter, photographer, designer, sculpture, dancer, whatever your talents may be…., this book can help you set a foundation so that you can become the person you were intended to be from the get-go.

Art journal doodles: last night I was trying to organize myself with the challenges I want to be part of.

Another layout that was waiting since last month to be done. Sorry about the images’ quality. Shot in low lighting.

And lastly, photos of corners of my home! Thanks for stopping by.