Humid, hot and sticky…that’s the weather right now! I can’t wait to go to Splash Zone on Wednesday. Summer has finally kicked in. On Monday we might be going to the zoo also. Oh yeah, and my oldest daughter, my princess, is turning 16! Sweet 16!

She is such a nice kid. I’m blessed to have her as my daughter, really, I am! She’s not a typical rebel teen-ager, she’s actually very obedient, respectful and homey. She loves being at home. I usually always have to tell her to go out with friends or to hang out with kids her age but, she’s just not that type of a person. As long as she has her t.v and her little brother next to her, she’s fine! Lol… I gotta love her!

Here’s an old journal page I had forgotten to upload. I’m not very pleased with it and that’s just because I had something else in mind when I started with this page but this is what my hands turned it around to be somehow. I guess is OKAY, lol.

Today I worked on these two layouts. I still think digital is way much easier right now. This was fun to do but since I don’t have enough tools to work with it just makes it a little harder for me to come up with great, top layouts. But keeping memories and having fun is what’s this is all about anyways, right?

Just wanted to stop by also to wish all the male parents a wonderful Father’s Day tomorrow. You guys are the best! Have a nice weekend everybody!