Tri-C co-sponsored with Adobe and AIGA a Dreamweaver workshop this morning and I wasn’t too sure if I was going to go or not when two of my professors send me the email but last night I decided that maybe this could be an opportunity for me to learn about Dreamweaver since I’ll be taking a class on it in the fall. And I must confess I along with Al, my HTML teacher, weren’t too impressed by it. Really. It was a nice introduction to the program at least for me since I don’t know anything about it, but I did find myself daydreaming the second half of the workshop. I had to tell my mind to come back to earth a few times! I really don’t know what it was but, I didn’t find it that interesting like I was expecting. I think my fall class is probably going to be much more interesting. Maybe is the fact that I learn by doing and trying things out and I’d rather listen and then do, or maybe the guy was a little boring! Lol! Who knows…

Moving on with photography, last night I spend quite a deal with a few of my black and white prints. I took photos of them, uploaded them to the MAC, then edited them in photoshop a bit to make them look like the real thing as possible and then uploaded them onto my flickr account. I hope you have the time to go and check them out. Of course nothing is better than the real thing but, at least you get a bit of them. Go check’em out if you have any time and please leave me any comments with your opinions and/or feedback. Thanks, that’s all for now enjoy your day!

Here’s Jazmine and Dariel having fun with Bob and Larry paper masks I found in a box while cleaning the attic yesterday. These were for Dariel’s first birthday. For his One year birthday party the theme was “Veggie Tales”. I just can’t believe I had saved these and other things as well like the cups, plates, balloons and other things. I also found a box full of his baby clothes. Brand new, hardly used infant clothes! Only if you’re a mom you can identify with that feeling, I even found myself smelling his clothing (which by the way, still smelled like my baby boy) and reliving those unforgettable moments! Now he’s five. Am I getting old or what? Or maybe I want another baby? NOT!!! Is funny because Jazmine tells me I should have another baby but the thought just scares me a little. Maybe when I’m done with school and other plans we have get accomplished, then maybe…. I’ll think about it then. Let’s just leave it at that. Hehehe.

Have a wonderful evening my faithful readers, lol