Okay so yesterday I went to the private screening website to check out if they had already posted this year’s work and they had. The problem was I only saw my photograph but did not see my animation. So apparently I found out that they had changed the title of my animation! Not only that, but I realized that they misspelled my first name! I just wondered, who in the world did the editing on this page? They just changed the title to what they thought was better than mine? Luckily, the new name is titled “The Apology” which I think fits the animation but, my name being misspelled is not acceptable! Lol, I mean really… Two big mistakes like that shows they are not being careful when editing information and made me wonder if they did the same to other students. Anyways, here’s the link. Click on the “media” tab and then look for the “The Apology”. The photograph I submitted doesn’t look as good as the actual print which by the way was directly manipulated in the dark room. I had to scan the negatives and tweak it here and there in photoshop. I think the real print is way much better. I’m thinking of taking an actual picture of it and the other black and white photos I have in my portfolio and post some up soon. To view my photograph go to the photography tab and the year 2008, click on the 4th thumbnail. Sorry, don’t mean to give so many specifics but there’s no direct link to my work. Go check it out! Thanks and ’till later!

Fly Away
by Diana Cornielle Copyrighted 2008