I was browsing through Etsy and found these beautiful patterns. I’m all into patterns now. I love purses and I usually can’t get enough of them. So I might be buying one or two. I also saw these coin and make-up bags. I just love the patterns and styles. Go and check them out!

These two are my favorite. I think I might end up buying them! LOL

Click here for more information on this pink and white coin holder.

This next one is also very cute. I love the black and white because it goes with anything so maybe I’ll buy this one instead… so many choices to make! Lol

The following bags are so adorable also. Go check’em out here and here. Too cute! I love, love, love!

Today I’m in a shopping mood! I also found these Travel Organizing Wallets. I don’t travel much but, I’m sure I could use them daily to hold other important stuff. I think I’m in love!

‘Till later, and thanks for stopping by.