This week I’m on spring break. It feels good to get this break. I’ve been trying to catch up on things. I have a few assignments to work on that I haven’t gotten to yet and I’m hoping to do them sometime today or tomorrow. I hope to have them done before Sunday. I want Sunday off from any Homework! These past four days I’ve been taking it easy and trying to do some scrapbooking and I did two art journal pages. 
This first one was a paper scrapbooking page I did of my second child, Ruben. Here he was five years old. The journaling is hard to see here but you can see this layout and my other ones better at flickr, or simply click on the photo for an enlarger view.

This one was digital and on the photos is my sister and my nephew.

This is my art journal page 8. I did this one inspired by the happiness I feel being home this week and having a break from school. Lol.

This is page 9. “Blessed Hands”.  I pray and wish that whatever my hands touch and create become blessed and holy! Again, you could see the journaling up closer in my flickr account. Thanks for stopping by!