Hello everyone. I know I’m late but I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I received some wonderful heart chocolates along with a very personal card! I just can’t believe it’s been 17 Valentine Days for us! Wow, time flies!

On another note, I wanted to show off another one of my vector assignments. I haven’t turned this one in yet because is not due until Wednesday but I wanted to post it here anyway. I really enjoy this class a lot.
I’m hoping for a 10 on this one!

Well, I’ve decided not to continue my 365 Photo challenge. I have been doing it but, it’s become very hard for me since I am currently working with a film camera for my photography class. I have to shoot 2-4 rolls a week anyway. So, I decided that that’s enough to handle right now. Next semester I will be taking digital photos instead of film. Please, dont’ get me wrong…I love film, I specially love being in the dark room, but is not as fast when it comes to sharing it online. First I have to scan, edit and post my work. And right now film and the whole developing and printing process is enough of a challenge for me! Besides uploading has become really hard for me at home. I’m currently uploading my stuff in school.

ART JOURNAL: My gosh I’m so excited about the new and first art journal I’m working on. I just have a few pages done but, I’m really excited about it. I’ve found that it frees me from stress, is a new way for me to relax and be free. I found some wonderful sites to help me with this art journal project. Watch out for future photos.

SMALLVILLE: Hubby and me are up to the fourth season. I never knew I would like this T.V series so much. I love the story-lines, is like watching a really looooonnnnnnggg movie! Hehe. Besides, we have taken this time to spend it together as a couple. We really look forward every evening on the weekends to watch this together and spend some quality time. We usually grab ourselves some coffee or chocolate and cuddle up in bed to watch it! It’s great!

Well everyone have a wonderful weekend and I’ll talk to you guys later!