Hello everyone! I know is been a few days but, I’ve been busy like usual. I just wish I had much more time in my hands. I’ve started a couple of projects and I have a few processing in my mind! I just wish I could execute them right away! I’m really excited about the new things going on inside me. Is unexplainable, but I’ve been feeling very artsy and creative lately. 
I am still having problems loading pictures but I’ve come to the conclusion that my computer sucks!!! Really…it sucks! Is asking to be replaced! And I’m about to answer its request! Soon, real soon….hehe! 
I’ve started a vector class this semester and I wanted to share my first two assignments with you guys.  This class is a little bit of a challenge because I don’t draw, I just don’t know how, other than stick figures, I really don’t know, which is why I will be including a drawing class during the summer. You can see more of the work I’ve done here.

With this I leave and hope that I’ll be back soon! lol.