Hello everyone. Today I’ve been thinking about joinning Weight Watchers online. About three years ago I joined (not online, though) and I was really loosing some weight. So I’ve been thinking about joining again online this time, but I’m a little shaky about it. I don’t really know how well I’ll do this way. I guess I’ll have to do some research on that. I need to get on a healthy diet. Not that I eat alot of junk food but, I do love starchy foods. Bread, rice, pasta and all that yummy stuff. Is very hard for me to keep away from it. I crave for it alot. But I know I could do this! I did it before, hey…why not now? The reason why I’m thinking of doing it online is because I’ve been very busy and I know that it’ll be hard for me to go to any meetings. Weight Watchers is great, I recommend it to anyone! Wish me luck.

On another note, I must confess that I’ve been behind on “Best me Challenge”. But I will try to catch up today on week 3 and 4. As for my 365 photos, I’m upto date I just haven’t been able to load them up yet. Something is going on with my computer. Is not allowing me to do so, well atleast not to my blog. I’m thinking of getting my pro-account at flickr soon so that I can load them up there. I love flickr. I get so many inspirations from there. If any of you haven’t had the chance to navigate around this website you guys should try it. Flickr is amazing!

Well, I have to go now so that I can try catching up with some Best of me stuff! Chao!