Hello everyone! I’m taking a break from my assignments to blog some thoughts! Hey have you guys heard about the $800 we should be receiving as a tax break? I so much need this money. I need to get my MAC computer. Switching back from a PC to a MAC is driving me crazy! Let me explain myself…see, in school I work with a MAC but I have a PC at home and as you could imagine, most of the time I’m in school doing assignments and working on projects. This means less time for me to be at home with my family. Not to mention, that when I do work at home when I go to my classes I have to switch most of my files. Awwwww, what a pain! This money will come handy for my software programs, portable hardrives, my Photography printing paper and other photography supplies, which by the way, is very pricey! OKay, enough complaining!
I guess I’m back to work! Talk to you later!