Yesterday I spend it with the hubby, (again) watching Smallville. My daughter got me into it now, I’m up to the second season and is getting interesting. Ruben and I love to spend the time together watching T.V. and our new program, Smallville, is a perfect time to spend quality time.

Today I went to PatCatan’s (an arts & crafts store) to browse for scrapping stuff. I feel so overwhelmed when seeing so many things but I still wanted to get to know the Scrapping tools world. I got myself some cute papers, swirls template, glue, buttons, and a pre-made kit that was on sale. I wanted to take so many things…but I had to hold myself because I could go bankrupt…lol. I’ve been doing my layouts digital but I want to try hands-on. I guess I’ll be posting my “Hands-on-Scrap” layouts when I’m done.

Anyway, yesterday I did another layout. This time it took me less time than usual. This one was put together really quick, I think. But I like it. Well blog to you later!