During the Christmas holidays I went to NYC to spend it with my mom and other family members and on the day we were heading back to Cleveland we stopped at one of these bodegas (mini-supermarket or sometimes grocery stores), and I took a couple of pictures of this one. It made me think how much I miss having these grocery stores where I live. I mean, they’re in every corner and sometimes 2 or 3 in one same block! They’re open 24/7. I love it! But most of all they have all types of spanish items, foods, etc. I miss these so much! There’s a few of these in my area but they’re scattered around far away from each other. When I first moved to Cleveland (12 yrs. ago) I missed my family so much but I mostly missed these convenient bodegas among all other convenient stores available in NYC’s uptown 181st st, hehe…NY, you gotta love it!

So I wanted to do a layout for these two photos and here’s the result: