I was thinking how sometimes life’s obstacles allow me to forget and appreciate the simple things in life and how many times I get caught up in the bigger things that sorround me and worry me at times, instead of taking in consideration the wonderful “small” things God created for me to rejoyce in them. Life’s smaller things are what makes me happy and yet, I tend to forget often about these simple, small things.

For instance, nature, I am so lucky to see the changes each season brings and the feelings that are so familiar with each change. The smell of flowers during spring and the rain that comes with it, the warm hot weather in the summer yet, I complain how hot it is or how cold it is in the winter. The wonderful leaves changing colors and falling during the fall.
My voice, which was given to me to worship and praise in moments when I haven’t felt like singing, or laughing, yet, it was that one heart given praise which gave me the strength to take that one more step forward.
My dreams. Eighter physical or spiritual… Given to me so that I may push myself to keep going forward towards those dreams and allowing them to become a reality in my life.
Also, inner beauty is sometimes overlooked because we live in a world so vain and judgemental that we tend to forget the person that’s inside the body and under the clothing and attire.Not just others’ inner beauty but my own.
Our free-will, given so that I can make right choices and wise decisions.
My honest and loyal friends, my family, and so on….

Simple pleasures are life’s greatest treasures! Let’s enjoy the simple things in life!